2019 IMP Awards - Worst Movie Poster Nominees

Deep Murder Movie Poster

Deep Murder

There are bad posters and then there are hilariously bad posters. This one definitely falls in the second category, which makes us believe it was probably done on purpose. Still, it is a painful sight to behold!

Fearless Faith Movie Poster

Fearless Faith

Remove the woman from this poster and it wouldn't be all that bad. Sure, the fellow on the right seems to be at five notches of intensity lower than his partner, but maybe he just didn't get his morning coffee. So what is she doing in this scene? All smiles, oblivious to the apparent danger in front of them, and staring directly at the viewer. It turns an otherwise serviceable poster into something half creepy and half laughable.

Greta Movie Poster


If you're going to use someone with a startled expression on their face you probably shouldn't place the focus of their attention behind them. Meanwhile, the scale of the window seems way off and blood happens to be oozing down a section of the glass that's not even there.

Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase Movie Poster

Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase

Nothing seems to fit right here. Sophia Lillis ignores the obvious boot prints behind her while seemingly trying to shed some light on the PG rating block. Meanwhile, the well-lit girls in the supposedly dark background seem to be angry, annoyed, and perplexed for no apparent reason.

10 Minutes Gone Movie Poster

10 Minutes Gone

We didn't think any poster could portray Bruce Willis any worse than The Whole Ten Yards but this one may have succeeded. Meanwhile, Michael Chiklis appears to be suffering from a horrible case of explosive diarrhea and Lydia Hull is trying to defend a bank vault against exploding money.

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