2019 IMP Awards - Best Drama Movie Poster Nominees

Aniara Movie Poster


Beaitiful optical illusion design with the flickering lines seeming to represent the gravitational forces around the spacecraft's planned destination of Mars.

Captive State Movie Poster

Captive State

A red smoke bomb generates an otherworldly shape, creating something beautiful and eerie out of what would otherwise be a fairly standard image of a protest. Perfectly captures the idea of resistance to an alien invasion.

Don't Come Back from the Moon Movie Poster

Don't Come Back from the Moon

The moon looms impossibly large over a desolate landscape, symbolizing the unknown destination that all of the fathers of the town seem to flee to. A beautiful and striking design.

Joker Movie Poster


Around awards season studios often release "for your consideration" posters featuring iconic moments from their films. This design managed to beautifully capture what proved to be one of the film's most iconic moments well before the movie even came out.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Movie Poster

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Great artwork by Steven Chorney creating a poster that would've fit in well during the era in which the movie is set. Also a rare case of sneaking an image of the film's director onto the poster.

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