2019 IMP Awards - Best Comedy Movie Poster Nominees

The Art of Self-Defense Movie Poster

The Art of Self-Defense

These same images (with the exception of the dog) could've been used to advertise a painfully serious martial arts film. Instead, by skewing everything it's clear that this film is going to be something a little offbeat. And just in case you still think it might be 100% serious, they toss in the goofy dog and include the word "comedy" in both of the critic blurbs.

Beach Bum Movie Poster

Beach Bum

One doesn't often expect beauty to be found in the comedy movie poster section but this colorful design is pretty lovely to behold.

Good Boys Movie Poster

Good Boys

What's the best way of marketing a raunchy comedy featuring 6th graders? How about highlighting the absurd fact that none of them would be able to get in to see their own movie.

Jojo Rabbit Movie Poster

Jojo Rabbit

How exactly do you market a satire set in Nazi Germany where the main character has Hitler as an imaginary friend? This poster manages to capture the absurdity of the concept with its scrapbook styled design portraying the title character in a heroic propaganda pose surrounded by the eccentric characters that populate his life.

Pokémon Detective Pikachu Movie Poster

Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Instead of focusing on the title character, this beautiful design introduces us to the unusual universe the film is set in.

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