2017 IMP Awards - Worst Movie Poster Nominees

Father Figures Movie Poster

Father Figures

If there was an award for fitting the most actors into a phone booth then this poster could've been a worthy recipient. Imagine the photo shoot! Unfortunately, it is painfully obvious that there was no photo shoot in the case of this poster. Just a bunch of separate images painfully spliced together. Oh, and Christopher Walken is looking especially plastic.

Cook-Off! Movie Poster


With a tagline that reads "A half-baked comedy with extra cheese" it is totally possible that the designers decided to fully embrace that concept when it came to creating the poster. If that is the case then they succeeded magnificently.

Monster Trucks Movie Poster

Monster Trucks

The first thought we had was what is that strange creature in the hood of the truck. Then the second question was what is that strange creature driving the truck? We may not expect the creature to look 100% realistic but almost nothing in this poster looks remotely real. Were they trying to make the entire thing look like a real-life cartoon? Fortunately they managed to get it right later on with the film's illustrated poster.

Spider-man: Homecoming

Spider-man: Homecoming

"The Whole Internet is Roasting Spider-man's Terrible New Poster" read one headline after the release of this design. Joking that the movie wasn't cluttered enough, people started adding even more characters to it. Populating your poster with lots of characters can be great when done right, but everything here seems haphazard. The random placement of the Washington monument, Marisa Tomei really happy about something, having Tony Stark and Peter Parker featured in and out of costume on the same poster. It's all just too much and nothing seems to go together.

and the winner (loser?) is...

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